About Us

Tsunami Bar, LLC is a South Carolina partnership LLC formed in Oct 2011 with David Abernethy (Director of Strength and Conditioning at a Division 1 University) and Gordon Brown (retired United States Navy CAPTAIN, inventor and fiberglass composite’s professional) as members. Sales began in May 2012. Tsunami Bar® products (US Pat # 7,951,051 and other patents pending) are state-of-the-art flexible composite barbells and LAT pull down bars along with methods for using these products in the Strength and Conditioning of athletes and others interested in building strength, speed of muscle contraction and conditioning of stabilizer muscles to improve one’s overall Power, Agility and Sport’s Specific abilities. Currently there are 9 Tsunami Bar® products including 6 flexible barbell bars and 3 LAT pull down bars. Other products are under development. All products have tailored flexibility and a FAT 2” grip. All Olympic plate weights and bumper plates can be used with all barbell products.

Tsunami Bar® products are manufactured and marketed by Performance Strength Designs, Inc. (PSD) of West Columbia, SC under a license from Tsunami Bar, LLC.